The Judge, not bad

I went to watch The Judge this evening. It’s been looking time since Robert Downey Jr. has done a non franchise movie, and this marks a break in that trend. The movie itself was not bad, but not great either. The fact that it was different from other projects he has recently done probably gives him quite some leeway. It suffers the same problem most drama feature length movies have:inconsistency in the screenplay theme. It relies quite a lot on comic relief, almost more than the actual drama at play in the plot. It serves to give the people laughs for a bit, but makes for a strange viewing experience. The cast was quirky and intelligent. It was a nice movie to kick off Downey’s Team Downey production company’s movie production. But this movie is more about the cast than the plot, unfortunately. It’s a nice view, because you are seeing Robert Downey Jr. there, not his character, which was quite similar to his world famous Tony Stark/Iron Man character. But anyway, good work, RDJ. I’d love to see what Team Downey’s future projects will be.
See you tomorrow.

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