Success Beyond Prior Estimation

Today I got the results of my African American Studies course mid term exam. I’m proud to report, with pride and humility(?), that I was the class topper for my section, and among the top 3 scorers in the entire course! I don’t really like to brag, mostly because I never have real concrete grounds to do so. But now, as class topper, I believe I have a little right to do so. If not to brag, at least to express my happiness and pride. Let the narration begin: It was announced 2 days ago that the exam would be returned to us in two days, right after the end of lecture. That got me pumped. I thought I had written the paper really well in that there was never an instance where I could not answer a question. For every question, when I was writing my exam, I was able to search into my memory palace (how about that Sherlock reference, huh?!) and write a good length of content for all of the questions. Basically, at the end of the test when I submitted my exam, I felt confident. I felt comforted in the fact that I could answer every single question in the paper, without even thinking about beating around the bush for even one question. I was able to answer all questions in reference to the context of the course. Next: There was an event I had to attend for another course, an event that was going to clash directly with my African American studies lecture that was coming in two days, the lecture after which they were going to give the mid term results. First of all, I felt really bad that I was going to HAVE to skip lecture. I had never done so for this course. I emailed my professor about my dilemma, and we both concurred that it was best for me to drop by his office during his office hours and he would be able to discuss what he had lectured about on that day. I was relieved, but at the same time I felt scared. Yes, that same scare all students always face no matter what your beliefs are. For some reason, I felt that it was a ‘bad sign’ and that skipping lecture would prove to be bad karma, and result in a not so impressive score on the midterm. I wish it wasn’t so, my feelings. I had to attend this event that overlapped with lecture, there was no avoiding it (either that, or I fail that course. Not a particularly favourable course of events.) So that fear was in the back of my mind when I was running at the end of the aforementioned event towards the lecture hall to find out my fate, to reveal to myself whether I made the right choice morally to skip lecture. I went in just as everyone was getting up and moving towards the section instructors to collect their exams. I put myself among the crowd which was ever so slowly edging towards the people in the middle of it all: The section instructors. Eventually, I got there, I received my paper. I waited until I walked out of the lecture hall to open it and see what my score was. When I got outside, I took a breath and opened it up. OH My GOD! I got something like 95 out of 100! I was too ecstatic and joyful for disbelief or shock. And so I went back to my dorm; Happy, proud and a class topper! That’s a title that I haven’t got in quite a while…

The irony of it all was that the day before I was watching The Walking Dead, and in it, on one of the walls someone had inscribed the letter ‘A’ with blood. (A reference to season 4, if you know what I’m talking about). Turns out I got an A, on the test! Co-incidence?

See you tomorrow. Do comment on whether my narration style was okay, it it was fluid enough and other things.

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