The tranquility of the library

Recently I’ve started spending time studying in one of the university libraries. Compared to how I used to study, i.e. Right in my dorm or in the study room on our floor, it feels so much better studying at the library. There is no noise at all, not a sound except my own breath, page flipping and typing. There are these individual study desks available to students for use, when I get to one, I spend 10 minutes making that desk MINE for my study session. I put out all of my things on it: My books, my laptop(if I’m working on a paper), water bottle, writing instruments and the likes. Then, regardless of whether I’m using my laptop or not, I attach my headphones to it and wear it for the whole session. Even though I’m not listening to any music on them, it somehow helps me focus even more. When I’m studying in the library, time really does seem to slow down. I think it is due to the fact that I’m not thinking about anything else other than the task at hand; be it studying or paper writing. When I’m at the dorm, I often ponder upon other little things. This is often instigated when I happen to glance upon something in the room and for no clear reason start thinking about that. The distraction possibility is completely eliminated, for me, when I do my work in the library. I wish I had known about such things before; I didn’t have a real library back at school where students would study and stuff; It was more for the primary purpose of a library:to read and borrow books. It existed, but not for the purpose I’ve discovered this library possesses. Sitting in isolation at a desk, wearing noise-cancelling headphones playing no music and thinking about nothing else has greatly advanced my efficiency in completing college work. In the dorm, an hour used to pass by without me even noticing. However, here in the library, one hour is A LOT of time. I’m able to complete a respectable amount of homework in the library in just an hour. I can’t wait to do extended sessions of, say, 3 to 4 hours; I can’t imagine my productivity then!

See you tomorrow!!

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