Interacting with Faculty & More Frat Madness

In the past day or two I’ve been in extensive communication with my professors and instructors. I send them some links to YouTube videos or articles that pertain to the stuff that we are dealing with in our classes. All of them were very happy with the fact that I was participating in the class by manner of direct communication with the professors. For instance, I directed my American Studies professor’s attention to a Youtube video about racism satire, along with some questions about the video that pertained to the deeper issues we were learning in class. He was super happy and entertained by the video, he thanked me for sending the link to him (yes, he personally knew who I was! I didn’t need to tell him that I was just some guy in his class.), and he gave a detailed answer to my burning questions! Check, check and check! I also did the same for my English class instructor and that action also yielded the same results. I really enjoy ALL my professors and their intellectual discourses on the topics that they talk about. Its what I have come to truly admire and cherish on arriving here; A desire for real learning and intellectual debate. Not to mention, argumentative essays on intellectual topics (not paraphrase-some-cliche-moral-value-easy-peesy stuff I used to have back in the CBSE English days.)

Last Friday night, most of my floor was heading to the frats. I decided to tag along since I didn’t want to suddenly gain the reputation of a recluse, plus I thought it would be a nice thing to enjoy some time with my floor mates; I know just a dozen or so of them, the rest are crazy party-hards and might be into some ‘stuff’ I ain’t. So I went along, everyone dressed to party; I too was dressed, but not the same way. I was wearing a sort of informal suit, the same thing I had worn for the film screening I wrote about a few posts ago. These were back to back events, and I thought it would be nice to wear something nice. When we get there, we get split up, some folks initiate their inebriation rituals, others go to upper floors where there exist private rooms; Quite presumably for intoxicating themselves with other substances. Anyway, their choices, not judging them; Then comes the dance floor. The dance floor is THE number one place for male dominance I’ve seen in college till now. Some women come in groups of their own gender and dance together and have an actual good time, others have their boyfriends and also have an actual good time; Its the single women that are targets for the predators:the men. Admittedly, I’ve seen a few guys actually ask girls if they wanted to dance with them, and actually respect the reply they get. However, most men I saw on the dance floor just literally engulfed the girls with their hand and body and make them extremely uncomfortable (the ones who are sober… The ones who aren’t don’t even have facial expressions, so I don’t think they even know what is going on.) They press against the women without even a word. Many girls just try to politely move away, slowly, without saying against the guy. [I would like to take a moment to tip my hat to women; You have INSANE patience with humans of our gender, and if I were you, I would have probably whacked the guy who was trying to touch my body without my permission. Hats off to you! You ARE the superior gender, no doubt about it.] Unfortunately, many women are so intoxicated they just ‘go with the flow’ and passively agree to what is, technically, sexual assault, that goes on. It escalates further and… I don’t need to give imagery on what happens then. It comes down to this thing I truly don’t understand: Why do college people even want to get themselves to a state of inebriation? What is the point of it all? I mean, if you wanted to have some ‘fun time’, why not do it when you are fully conscious and functioning in the head?

Wow, that was a lot to get off.. See you tomorrow!


  1. You have used the word “intellectual” several times. To me, it seems that you are simply throwing around the word to impress people without truly understanding its weight. Can you specify what this “intellectual” content is? What is so intellectual about your essays? Why don’t you put them up for public view instead of just patting yourself in the back in this deluded fashion? You have never gone into depth about what actually you are learning and what study you have done for yourself.

    1. Well, to me the word intellectual means the ability to analyse things objectively. Since I’m at college, discussing academic topics comes quite clearly into the category of things that can be discussed objectively.

      1. I’m not patting my own back, if it seemed that way, I apologise. I’m trying encapsulate the level at which my mind had been opened up after getting here and studying here. That’s what i want readers to take away.

  2. ” Its what I have come to truly admire and cherish on arriving here; A desire for real learning and intellectual debate.”

    -I don’t see patting my own back here. It looks to me like an appreciation for something I’ve acquired on arriving at college.

    1. Thanks for the reply. Your intentions are noble. But it would enlighten your readers about what is it specifically that you find noteworthy/interesting and sharing it with others, especially people who are not in a similar position as you are. Being in one of the top universities is no mean feat and people would like to know of your experiences and learning there.

      1. Thanks for the constructive critique, I’ll be sure to be more explicit. And thanks for the support.

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