A shot at fame and embarrassment (at a very small scale)

In today’s English reading and composition class, we were analysing The Faerie Queen, book one by Edmund Spenser. If you have read this poem, you will know that it is VERY deep and insane. Apparently, Spenser’s plan was to write 20+ parts, but he could only get to 5 by which time he had died. I’m appreciating his great devotion to his work, but also at the same time I’m mildly disturbed by his borderline sociopath/obsession. But if yu are into so called hih level poetry analysis, as I have become(shameless plug of my skill, but I’m allowed to do that, I’m an international student! I’m charge enough tuition to brag about myself. ), you will find it to be an extraordinary poem witb multi-layered allegories and metaphors to anti-Catholicism and other stuff like that, which I’ve never heard of before in my life since it has nothing to do with where I’m from. During class, we were asked to describe the physical appearance of a monster the hero in the poem fights, and the sigificance of making the monster’s body that of a human female. One thing led to another and I started off on what I had in mind. Then the whole class somehow coaxes me to draw whats on my mind. So I drew the tail of the monster, and it came out better than expected. Stepping up in front of class and humiliating one’s self comes quite easy for me, since I’ve been in drama for some time back in school. People then started taking pictures of my masterpiece. Even my instructor took pictures of it. I was impressed with my own artistic abilities.


Ain’t that a beauty? Anyway, i think my own surprise at myself had a lot to do with generating a generic reaction from everyone at class. Bonus:i get extra credit for extra participation!!!
See you tomorrow!

PS:I’m writing this on my phone, so please forgive any errors that may have occurred on this post.


  1. Do you always disallow criticism on your blog?

    1. Only when it is framed like every YouTube comment ever. Constructive criticism is what I love and would appreciate, not unnecessary expletives and comparisons to excreta without backing the claim.

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