American Things

Lately, so many American terms and phrases have been thrown at me that if I wasn’t actually worthy of coming to college here, my head would have probably exploded. ‘White Privilege’, ‘Class War’, ‘1% vs 99%’, ‘Democrats & Republicans’, ‘The 3/5th Clause’… the list goes on. All of these are actually very interesting concepts I deal with in my classes, I am all for learning new things about another country such as the old New World (see the irony, old New World(U.S.A)? I love my writing ability, yes I can be narcissistic at times…) but, I do not mean to be bragging here, I think I am only able to learn so much about a completely different country because I am decidedly smart enough to get into my college (as is evident from my getting accepted to college), even as a student from another country. I truly can’t imagine the ‘average’ student from a CBSE system getting into college here and even surviving the completely different level of discourse and debate that takes place here on the intellectual level. Essay writing here isn’t just paraphrasing some cliche morals, like how it is in CBSE english, you have to make your own arguments based on some piece of text and give evidence and analysis to support your thesis(argument). It is one thing to even deal with the whole culture shock thing, get adjusted to different times, life style, environment and political setting (yes, for me that matters a bit too), but if, or when, you transcend those obstacles, you then have to deal with this whole new level of intellectual debate that you were NEVER taught back in your CBSE high school. I truly hope the school I was in, which is a CBSE school by the way, does make attempts to change the scope of discourse that takes place on all fields by changing the intellectual status quo; By redefining what level of thought one should aspire to reach in order to be called a true intellectual thinker and a real student. That’s all I have for today, see you tomorrow!

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