An decade-old movie I’d never before seen before & my method on homework

Today I saw, for the first time ever, this movie called ‘Vanilla Sky’ starring Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz and more. I’d only heard it casually mentioned by my dad like a year ago, and I’d seen a few minutes here and there when it would come on TV back home. I didn’t even know such a movie existed, but when I saw it, it was a VERY interesting movie! I would compare it to American Psycho, starring Christian Bale, to provide an accurate juxtaposition in terms of methods of character development and the theme. But the endings of both movies are completely different and similar at the same time. Both endings (You dare call any of this spoilers, these movies came out more than a decade ago and if you haven’t seen them YET, don’t pretend to care about it. But anyway, I won’t spoil anything) are completely unexpected and surprising (similarity); Yet American Psycho ends on an ambiguous note, while the revelation at the end of Vanilla Sky was directly taken on and handled. Personally, I feel that Vanilla Sky is the most interesting experimental movie Tom Cruise has ever done, and arguably, the most interesting movie he has ever done. I say experimental because of his penchant for action movies. Try and watch it! It is unlike any Tom Cruise movie you have ever seen before, that is something I can stand by without being shadowed by subjectivity (you know, because things like ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are too subjective to say to someone, especially for a movie)

Just today, I began working on an assignment that is due at the end of the week. I’m not really one who tries to complete things as early as possible. The closer the deadline comes to me, the more motivated I am to complete the task. Some may think that this borders on procrastination, it is not so; It is merely an attempt to enjoy my free time as much as possible. If I were to do all my assignments as soon as I got them, I would only be more worried as the deadline for submission came along, constantly editing the essay or checking and re-checking if I’ve done the problem set right without any silly mistakes. When a deadline is in reasonably close proximity, that is when I concentrate the most; I’ve found that, statistically, I make less errors on things I submit closer to the submission deadline than earlier, but there is a breaking point beyond which I would be incapable of even completing a first draft of my assignment. That is why I don’t call what I do procrastination; Every job has a time and place, and too early is just that:too early. See you tomorrow, and have a manageable week everyone!

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