Free Weekend and more football

My roommate has gone home for the weekend, and I have the room to myself and it is football weekend! Not like the latter matters at all to me, it is as I have described before, another American mystery. I was completely free today and, with no homework, was able to walk around campus a lot just for the heck of it. I find solace in my walks of solitude (Ah, how poetic, eh?) I went up to the other side of campus, the side on which my dorm isn’t there. It was a bit different from my neighbourhood; I won’t go into how it was so, but the main point here is that going to a whole new location was quite an interesting experience. I’m waiting for the week to restart so that I can be motivated to do some work and be productive! I don’t want to feel like weekends are a complete waste when i don’t have homework due, so I took a shift at work today. That was better than just laying around in my room. Gained more hours, accumulated more money; So that was, obviously, a productive thing to do on a weekend.

This week, there was a football game, and that meant ‘pre-gaming’, or just another excuse to chug some beers down in broad daylight instead of just Friday/Saturday night parties. RV’s with open beer kegs and students were abundant around frat row and since the frat row is quite close to the stadium, it was an intense environment to be in for one who wasn’t inebriated, like myself. I doubt I will ever ‘feel’ for heavy drinking, even in the future; For me, drinking should be classy and gentleman-like, just one drink in a suit with cheers and NOT chugging the whole thing down in 5 seconds. Anyway, I am not a drinker presently, but if that were to ever change, that is how I would want to go about it. Football game days are about the only days when fraternities are open to everyone, instead of the usual no-single-guys or if-you-know-someone-here-you-can-get-in, which I believe is a major motivator for all the people going for the game. Free drinks! No one would complain. I’m unable to swallow the whole society that just revolves around drinks. The only meaningful, normal social situation for people to meet new people is, whether you like it or not (I don’t), a frat party; Where nearly everyone is inebriated and will probably forget the night by the next day. I can’t understand the need to do such a thing to ‘have fun’; I mean, can’t you do your stuff without the drinks? Is the alcohol like some sort of tool that gives everyone an excuse to do crazy things so that they can’t be judged? That’s pretty stupid and pretentious to me. That’s all I got; See you tomorrow!

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