Done with work & My second magazine subscription ever

With tonight’s shift, I complete this week’s line of work and I get 2 days off. Unless I want to pick up someone else’s shift and clock some more hours for monetary gain, which is without a doubt the most important factor in wanting to work. I could go on to say that it is a rewarding experience and how I’m meeting new people, which it is; but those are only incidentals that occur while on the job. It is all about the money. It feels pretty nice to get a mini-break which, in my opinion, was very well deserved. I’ve worked double-digit hours in 5 days, and that isn’t particularly easy to juggle along with college work. But I quite enjoy working, and am anxiously waiting to receive my first salary ever. Now THAT is a historic moment in one’s life that makes sense to treasure and reminisce about, and to an extent it disproves that age old adage that money can’t buy happiness. I’m sure that I’ll be VERY happy to receive my first salary ever, so be as cynical as you want; It won’t change facts. I’m as pragmatic as it gets. Now I can put a greater percentage of my time into college work and start up some essays that are due in a few weeks. Great thing to get a head start. Probably for the best, since all of my courses have started introducing new content, being in the aftermath of all the mid term exams, I have little to no homework or reading that’s due soon. That’s why I decided to put more work into work and clock more hours and get more money and pay the bills and be a a responsible adult and reduce my parent’s financial burden as much as possible and make everyone happy! (See, money can buy happiness!!!! See?)

I recently subscribed to The Economist. This makes it the second magazine I’ve ever subscribed to in my life, the first being Tinkle; A children’s comic weekly created by the late ‘Uncle Pai’ as he was fondly called. If you know Tinkle, you know that it was super addictive when you were a kid (not sure if it is still a thing kids are into these days) and the one only thing you would ever receive in the mail box. It was one of the true realisations of private ownership; Whenever I read my comic I could not be disturbed, no one could take away my magazine, I owned and held the magazine in my hand and realising that fact just made me enjoy the experience of reading it even more. Now, since my intended major is economics, and I am about to take some economics courses next semester, I thought I should start getting into the world of economics and other fields related to it (politics and more… Its so fun being close to intellectual!) What better way to do that than by subscribing to this awesome magazine I saw my dad read and enjoy some time ago, when I was unable to appreciate the gravity of such subjects. The articles are, needless to say, very informative and well written, and I look forward to expanding my knowledge of current events and theory on the world of economics! See you tomorrow!

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