Working Days & Walking in the night…

Today I worked a 3.25 hour shift at my job! (I know, I know… Its like a teen celebrating his first shaves ever. I get it) and I loved it. Working, till now, has been quite a nice experience for me. I’ve met new people, including the chef who is this awesome, chill guy. The GIGANTIC dish washer is another symbol of capitalism for me. It might sound absurd for you, but at least hear me out. The conveyor, when it comes around back to the beginning, aka:the place where I am supposed to be putting in dishes, keeps coming. It never stops, and every thing has to be filled in order to maximise efficiency and reduce the cost of running the machine! When dishes aren’t coming as fast as they do at peak time, the people even switch off the machine to save on power, for however short a time that is. That’s my argument, deal with it. But the machine itself is very effective (probably built that way, but allow me to express my astonishment), even against the very tough things like dry stains, yogurt and other things. Its been 2 days, and it feels like I’ve become accustomed to going between work and college; Which is a very nice thing to do, if you’re into doing things on a schedule, like I am. So far, so good.

When I was coming back home from work, in the night, I didn’t feel really comfortable waking around at that time. Not for fear of the dark, more so for the homeless people. Not because of them directly, but because quite often I find them in inebriated or drugged states and they say random things and gesture towards doing something physical. I have no problem hugging you, bald guy; its just that I’m kind of scared of what you could do in your state of mind, which I’ve deduced based your gait, your eyes and your slurring of words and the words themselves. Put simply, I’m much more comfortable walking around in the day, I actually like walking around in the day as there are loads of people going about. But in the night, when there ain’t no one around except the homeless people in not-so-great mental states (I really have no problems with the homeless except for this, and this I think in a reasonable thing to think in my position.) saying very strange, seldom derogatory and expletive things. Maybe its something I’ll get used to in time, but for now, I’m a day person. See you tomorrow!!

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