First Day at Work & Grades!

First day ever at a job! Huge moment in one’s life, but then I prefer not to count moments; rather live day by day and in the moment. So, there you have it: Today was my first day at my first job. I got a job at one of my college’s dining halls, i.e. helping behind the scenes of what I’ve enjoyed without thinking till now. I’ve been eating for over a month from the dining halls and, to be honest with you, not once did I ever think about the people who worked there, or the work itself; ‘How did the plates, cups and food keep replenishing themselves?’ was the question of the days. But now, after today, I found out first-hand that running a dining hall is actually a lot of hard work done by a lot of people! My assignment for the evening was, specifically, to bring out the dishes that come out of the GIGANTIC dish washer and sort them into their right places. It was quite reminiscent of that classic scene from ‘I Love Lucy’ (which was given an homage by the exact order of events in ‘Drake and Josh’, another favourite of mine) where Lucy and Ethel struggle to do anything with the conveyor belt just pumping out sushi. Well, not to say that I struggled; In fact, I did pretty well if I may say so myself. Lots of stuff was being pumped out at the end of the conveyor belt of the GIGANTIC dishwasher (capitalised for a clear reason, use your imagination.), and I was just picking them up, stacking them by type and then going out and sorting them into their right places. I loved it! But that’s what everyone says when they do something unique for the first time, but I would most certainly like to think that I won’t get bored of my job ever. I don’t need to feel the exact same level of excitement as I did today for the rest of my career journey, but if I ever think that I don’t feel like doing it, I will surely quit.

Got my physics mid term and my English essay back. On the former, I did exactly as expected, so I felt quite good that nothing went wrong; But also I’m hoping for improvement on the next mid term. On the latter I did a bit better than I expected, but this is not about just the grade. Our instructor provided a one page critique and analysis of our papers, and from that I learnt a lot about where my writing strengths were and how I could improve it all. Now we have to re-draft the very same essays in a week and present it again; hopefully, for a better grade. I hope to do better in the revision draft, but I was quite happy with my performance in this draft as well. More classes begin new content tomorrow, and my last exam result will come soon. That’s all I have for you today. See you tomorrow!

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