A weekend of relaxation & A Fresh Start

At the end of all of my examinations and paper submissions, which happened to be this Friday (btw, sorry for no post yesterday, too busy enjoying myself at home relaxing), I found myself without meaning, without purpose of existence; Wondering what was beyond all this, was it all a fantasy?… Just joking… Basically, after quite a few weeks of handwork in the form of the aforementioned matters that had to be attended to, I’m now free for the weekend. Next week all of my classes will start delving into new material from the courses, as expected to be done right after a mid term. Also, I start working on Monday night! That’s pretty exciting to me! Lot’s of stuff going to start next week, simply put. I’m quite looking forward to new stuff. But till then, I’m literally kicking back, relaxing in my bed and switching between reading and surfing the net. I was just looking at some planning for the long term; Planning my classes for the next semester, more ways to reduce expenditure and increase income to pay for college etc. What I got from it was that first semester is always the most expensive one, and after that I should be able to find better, cost efficient housing, better job, more scholarships and stuff like that which will make my journey worth its while, economically and experience-wise. Other than that, I’ve been doing nothing much; I’m looking forward to the season premiere of The Walking Dead this Sunday; I’m actually off to my relatives’ house to watch it, since I’ve got nothing more to do this week, no homework or stuff. Just reading for a class or two that’s required for Tuesday, so I think I’ll be fine. I won’t be splitting this into two paragraphs like I always do, since this covers both the things seamlessly in one beautiful piece… Ok, that’s enough self-appreciation for once; Thought I’d at least give it a go instead of the traditional way of using self-depracation. Anyway, that’s my story for this weekend, I’ll definitely see you tomorrow when I’m done with the season premiere to review it with NO spoilers, I promise.

See you tomorrow then!

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