Not enough, not nearly enough compared to yesterday..

Hey, sorry again, but this will be a short post. I have my mid term tomorrow. Its a big one (American Studies); Tracing race to slavery, the socio historical process of its creation, the argument that it is an ideology, etc.. Might not sound interesting to you, as most academic talk or intellectual discussion should, but doesn’t (due to society being a farce in and of itself, that’s my argument for an essay I don’t nearly have enough time for.) Lot’s of deep stuff, bunch of readings we have to be familiar with to do well on this test. I had a one on one with my lecturer, and he said that he actually noticed me coming to lecture everyday on time without fail and that in and of itself means that I will do fine on the exam, and that made me feel really great; On top of the fact that when I was going through the notes I had been cumulatively taking from his lectures, I could remember him actually talking about the thing I had written down and this strengthened my memory of it. I also believe I will be fine on the test, I’ve gone through all the readings and the lecture notes of mine. We’ll see how it actually goes, more like I’ll see and I’ll tell you what it was like…

Seeya tomorrow!

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