Indian and European-descent guy maul Indian Food.

So tonight I shared my dinner with my roommate! I was fortunate enough to receive an incredible amount of home-made food (just like back home… Piping hot!!) from my father’s friends from the good old days (Pre-9/11, obviously.). It completely stuffed our fridge to capacity! I estimate I will have enough for the whole week, which has another plus point: No spending meal plan points at the cafeteria! I can’t thank them enough for their kindness. I was expecting only some dinner for the night, but when I saw them holding 2 grocery-bags of food, I was at a loss for words. So for the first time in a long time, I was back with my favourite food from India! A much needed change from the daily pizza, noodles, salad and other things I never used to eat on a daily basis. Today was the also the day I introduced my American roommate to the wonders of Indian cuisine. I am happy to report that he was pleasantly surprised by it all, and he quite enjoyed the taste of Daal rice and Idli/Chutney. In the course of it all, I launched into discussion the difference between North and South Indian food, weddings, mentality and much more. I gave him ‘A Brief History Of Time’ of Indian demography, culture and what not. Felt pretty good to talk about where I am from rather than learning about the American history of slavery and all that stuff in my African American class. I also taught him how to ACTUALLY pronounce my name, which is quite an ordeal for us Indians to take on, and them White people to get right; There’s hardship on both sides, but in the end-quite a night! I almost completely forgot about the 2 mid terms I have this week in the conversation we had tonight. That’s all I have now, not much due to my pursuit of academic excellence (which will most definitely remain a pursuit, if you know what I mean.)

See you tomorrow then!


  1. TheKeenObserver · · Reply

    Are you suggesting that your “Pursuit of Academic Excellence” is like “Pursuit of Happyness” (spelling error is deliberate, of course!)

    1. Pretty much.. But it was more intended to be self-deprecating humour. And like that story, at the end I’ll get ‘Happyness’, or in this case ‘Academic Excellence’!

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