A weekend well spent, and not ‘wasted’

How is the college student’s weekend supposed to be spent? More importantly, why does such a question exist? Beats me, but society will always have these standards certain age groups are expected or stereotyped to live around… Enough ranting about society’s craziness! How is my weekend? Well, I am happy to report that I have finished one of two major essay assignments! Yes! Now isn’t that something worth celebrating or commemorating as compared to pointless ‘partying’? I’m being pragmatic here, and pragmatism is exactly what it is:It makes sense. The entire day of mine was spent rummaging through my English Reading and Composition assigned piece of literature looking for evidence to support my thesis, and analysing said evidence and putting it all together in one argumentative essay. I will be honest though, I could have been quicker; I took a few breaks from writing my essay and quickly found myself on this website with the URL: http://www.youtube.com, where I spent at least half an hour. Was it useful? No. Was it entertaining? Very. But did it make sense to subject myself to this entertainment at a time when I’m juggling between 2 essays that are due this Tuesday? Probably not. It would make sense to spend next weekend with this being the primary occupation, given that my last midterms are also this week. I find that pragmatism in everyday situations like this has helped a lot, (I don’t mean to interrupt, but some of the people in my dorm are watching the Golden Bears match right now, and there is a lot of cheering over a game that I still don’t fully understand… Americans and their football; Its just like a cute baby in the eyes of the rest of the world… Back here now>) making the right decisions about things, prioritising things and many more things have been made quite effective by applying pragmatism! I find no need to spend my entire Friday night ‘hitting the frat parties’, getting wasted, and waking up the next afternoon and rendering the next day completely useless as well, all just to satisfy some hormonal imbalance/desire. The prospect may be attractive to you, and I don’t judge you or blame you-You are with the majority; However, it might help to at least try to be pragmatic at times. It might result in your weekend actually being a productive one. Can you believe it? A productive weekend for a college student in America? Its actually possible! But the trade-off is that you’ll be considered a social outcast, Friday nights considered; Might not be the worst thing that could happen to you, but just keep that in mind. I’ve been able to live in such a way for a bit over a month, and I quite enjoy it.

Seeya tomorrow! Hope you are liking this new, sort of philosophical approach I’m experimenting with!

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