Getting Work Done & Focus

So today is when I get a bit philosophical.. Why not, right? I mean we all think about these things in our heads, I’m just bringing it to light by voicing it to the public! As you might know, Friday is my free day in the week. I only have one lecture on this day, and I mostly use this day to start catching up on work I would then do over the weekend. Its like a movie trailer, and the movie is the weekend; I like the way it works. However, it is quite easy to get lost in things; Especially if you’re living on-campus. I was discussing this with my parents just today, thought I’d talk to everyone else a bit as well. Friday night is, not surprisingly, party night. Many people just take it upon themselves, almost force themselves, to go to the frats (Greek system… Google it if you are not informed on such matters.) to ‘have a good time’. My view? A bit more pragmatic (modesty… It is actually VERY pragmatic). If one does party, it usually takes up the entirety of your night. That means you usually get back home by around 2 or 3 AM, unless you force yourself to interact with Schedule 1 substances (if you know what I mean) or alcohol: which will most definitely result in you not remembering your night the next morning and possibly waking up in a random location. My point here is, your next day is pretty much ruined too. You wake up by 11AM at the earliest, groggily freshen up and pull yourself together and then eat lunch and only by around 2 PM are you ready to START your day. What is the use of this hardcore partying lifestyle then? It beats me, but quite a few people choose such a lifestyle. I’ve only been to such a party once (on a purely third person-analysis purpose… I.E. see what its about), and you’ve probably read what I saw. Is all this ruining of your day and possibly your mental health really worth ones hormonal needs? Clearly not (Picked up that phrase from my African American Studies Class lecturer, he uses that to reinforce rhetoric, quite effectively I might add). There are easier methods for your desires; Be creative, google it or something! Why you have to go to these parties, chug down alcohol and sometimes abuse drugs to have a ‘good time’ is quite beyond me and is, quite frankly, pathetic in my view. But that’s the American lifestyle I guess, it is what it is… So focusing on the actually important things is vital. I think and act all to increase the probability of a successful long term life. Not one’s impulsive desire to ‘have fun’ and inebriate oneself to achieve that, which I still don’t understand by the way…

See you tomorrow!

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