Meditating in public?

Today was another one of those days in Berkeley… Seeing weird things and just jaw dropping at the astonishment. You must know about how America has gone and capitalised yoga itself. An art so ancient and rooted in my home country (but not rooted in me for some reason), and now there are 1-800 numbers everywhere for yoga training centers. Not really tied to the point I’m trying to get at, but stay with me. While on my way to my first class in the morning, right at the gate of thr college, there was this huge gathering of people sitting in a circle. At first I thought it was some strange form of protest, but on closer look (and on a quick glance at the sign in the middle) it was clear to me that the people were indeed ‘meditating’! I couldn’t believe it;Something to do with my home. But at the same time I found it very funny. I was able to spot several people snapchatting, instagramming and tweeting qbout their ‘exotic meditation’ at the very same spot. Which obviously, for me, went to show that most people in thst circle were doing it in a bleak attempt to be different from the crowd, or as I like to call them:attention seekers. But that’s just my opinion, this being a personal blog and all… also i saw a selfie of someone standing in front of the grond zero memorial; something i would have dedicated an entire post to were I a true, overly unnecessary patriotic American. But that is today’s story.

See you tomorrow


  1. I really enjoyed your post – Thank you!

    1. Thank YOU for reading and for your support! Share this blog with your friends if you could, that would help A LOT!

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