One on One Meeting(s)

So today I had 2 one on one meetings with faculty. One was with my LnS 1 discussion section leader (GSI), and the other was with my English Reading And Composition professor. LnS 1 is a course that gives you a proper overview on what you can actually do at the College of Letters and Science in Berkeley. Discussions involve assigned readings and group activities/talks and more general stuff, so I’ll briefly talk about the other meeting here. (Yes this is a short post because I have to wake up early tomorrow for an 8 AM class!) In my reading and composition class, we do close-readings of renaissance-era literature and have to prepare argumentative papers on the text. I’ve already talked about the difference and tediousness of this as compared to the stuff CBSE had me do, so you know all about that. In our meeting, we were discussing my thesis for this paper that is due for submission on Monday, and he (thankfully) liked the thesis of mine and he was excited to read how I would argue in its favour (Ain’t that easy…), he gave me good tips on how to spin it in a better way and how I should examine both the form and the content to make analysis and conclusions to add evidence to my thesis. Overall, he thought I had done a good job so far with what evidence I was going to use to prove this point and the very base of my thesis, so for that I’m proud of myself. Now I have to work on drafting the actual essay… Please excuse me.

I’ll see you tomorrow!

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