How was the exam? & Papers

So my mid term results came in… And did pretty good for my first ever Berkeley exam if I may say so myself. I got the equivalent of what would have been a B+/A-. The way it works is they add all of our scores up to give us a cumulative score for the course, and then they assign letter grades to them after curving the grade for everyone (Google it). So what I got was just representative of what my letter grade would have been if it had been represented solely by my midterm. For me it was definitely a good start, but the grading was done rather harshly; The GSI (Graduate Student Instructor, or TA, google that too…) himself admitted that. In addition to that, the way it is done here is quite different from how I had it back in high school where we could just make the teacher give us a few extra marks on the side, knowing that it was completely unfair to the other students. (And I say that both as a perpetrator and a victim… You know what I mean.) The whole thing is completely based off the rubric, which was quite a harsh model for correcting the paper (said everyone including the GSI). But to compensate for that we have the whole curve thing where grades are assigned not just by your marks out of the total possible, but by the distribution of marks in the class. (Google for more, again…) This works great especially when some classes (maybe mine, but that would be saying too much.) have evil professors that are terrible when it comes to correcting the papers. So overall I liked the experience and look forward to improving on it and getting better grades!

Papers as in not exam papers, but essay-papers; Interpretive or argumentative papers where one must perform a close reading of a given text and then generate analysis or arguments and back them with evidence from the text. It isn’t easy, I’ll tell you that. The fact that it is a challenge actually makes it one of my most favourite things to do. I love reading things carefully and then writing about them (wait.. What am I doing now then?), and in these we have to be very professional, intellectual and proper about these things, even more reason to try it out and do it well. I’ve already talked about these things before, essays in particular. Just wanted to make a personal talk of it for a tiny bit. Good day today; I have 2 of those papers due in a week… Wish me the best!

Till tomorrow then!

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