Exam Day!

So I finished my Math mid term today, and I have quite a bit to write about it. First off, the most pressing question that might be on your mind: How did I do? Well, I did quite well! There were 4 questions and I was able to answer all 3 of them perfectly correctly, and the 4th one was a proof that I don’t think I did enough to count for full credit; So 3-3.5 out of four isn’t bad at all if I may say so myself, I quite like how I did. For me the test was simple, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be (I’ll get to that in a bit). It was 50 minutes long, 4 questions as I said before, and we were also given the option to walk out of the test if we didn’t think things were going well. The catch:Your final exam would count for 20% more of your grade (The mid term is worth 20%). Since I’ve already written about CBSE math vs. how it is here, I won’t re-write that stuff; The point is I found the test easy and it was quite shocking to me that some people were actually walking out of the test! But that’s from my perspective and you can’t judge them based on my perspective… But probably they didn’t realise the consequences of their actions; 20% higher value for your final exam? That’s a mountain of pressure to do well, which there already was before! Anyway, their choices. Now the test itself was not as easy as I anticipated. I thought it would just be some stuff that was right out of the text book (as I have always expected from high school.). But the problems, especially the ⍷-δ proof problem, required actual application of the concepts we had learned, not just the algorithm we had memorised for a particular kind of problem. That was something I really appreciated, so I actually enjoyed solving the problems (especially the ⍷-δ proof) because it felt good to be able to apply those concepts to a problem whose type I was never exposed to before. They handed us a page of the solutions right we turned in our papers, and when I saw that I actually got the ⍷-δ proof right, that was when I was ecstatic! Then I saw that I got 2 other problems right on the spot, though the way I got to one part of one of those problems might not have resembled the way that the solution page showed, but I hope the people who grade my paper will understand that. The 4th problem, the proof, which I thought I might have got wrong completely at first because I didn’t even know if I was on the right track? It turned out that I was indeed on the right track. Though I may not have completely done it the right way as shown in the solutions page, I hope to get some credit for being on the right track and the fact that it did get me to the conclusion that I wanted to get to. Overall, I loved the test. I’ve never loved math tests before this day! Crazy right? Well that’s what college here does to a CBSE student: It makes one love doing math again…

Talk to you all tomorrow then!

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