Exam preparation & Different Exams!

Tomorrow is my Math 1A Mid Term!! Sounds terrifying doesn’t it? However in this piece wherein I’m reasonably sure you will judge me to be boastful (I assure you that is not my intention, I spent most of high school on the masquerade), I will present nothing but facts. I come from the legion of CBSE Math, where we’ve done things like Integral Calculus, Differential Equations.. blah blah, you get the point;I’ve done extensive coursework in the field of Math (even though I wasn’t particularly great at it, I will once again blame the system like always even though it could seem like a matter of convenience given the circumstances). However, for this “mid term”, the only things we have are functions and limits. Yes, that is pretty much what is being covered in tomorrow’s exam that will count for 20% of my grade. “All my CBSE brethren out there! You here me? I have it easy here!”; No, I wouldn’t really say that, but you should get the point here. I just have to know very basic ⍷-δ proofs, function transformations (like from f(x) to f(x-2) versus to f(x)-2), basic continuity and a few other things and I should be able to do well tomorrow! But that’s what beats me; Why is it so easy? To me, coming from an apparently higher curriculum, it would seem that the paper will be extra hard tomorrow and we will suffer for underestimating it. But the other local students are freaking out too! Probably because they didn’t take Math or just aren’t good at it (yes, they actually have the option to not take Math in high school; An option a good majority of us CBSE guys don’t even think about!) So I think I’ll be safe for tomorrow, after all I’ve gone over the text (like just 70 pages of Math, nothing compared to the stuff I’ve dealt with in school) multiple times. We’ll see how it goes, I’ll tell you tomorrow night.

The exams here are ridiculous!!! Not ridiculous hard, ridiculous easy! (probably because I’m taking a 1A class, but just hear what I have to say) First of all, as I have described to you in the previous paragraph, the syllabus for this exam is quite easy for me. Second of all… Wait for it… We are allowed a CHEAT SHEAT! That’s right! What this is, to those who aren’t aware of such a thing, is a sheet of paper you are allowed to take into exam on which you may scribble down WHATEVER YOU WANT! On both sides of the sheet! Its just so ridiculously awesome, I just hope I don’t mess up in any way. I hope I do great in the exam. My main concern in this area, is that I haven’t been able to fill up the sheet till now! I’ve only got one side of the sheet filled up with some stuff I already know like the back of my palm, and other important stuff. I’ll probably just put some stuff on the other side first thing tomorrow. So it really is an exam that sides with the students almost completely. Is it because the students here are so used to such student-friendly methods that they take it for granted and freak out about tests even then? Maybe, maybe not. I don’t want to speculate, but these are the facts. Use your judgement.

See you tomorrow! Wish me the best for the exam!


  1. TheKeenObserver · · Reply

    All the Best for your Exam !! Don’t get misled by the seeming simplicity / ridiculousness of it. The question is: what lies beneath ?!!

  2. Sure thing. That is what I’ve made clear in the post!

  3. Well I thought that the Berkeley math department was supposed to be really good and the course challenging. Maybe the course you’re taking isn’t what the maths students normally take.

    1. Yes, I’m taking 1A. Which is the most basic course that exists. So I guess the challenging things come later with 1B, 53 & 54 etc.

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