First Football Game!

So I got to see my very first football (not soccer) game! I didn’t understand much and I still don’t, but it was an interesting sight to witness the crazy crowds cheering the team, booing the opposition unreasonably. In other words, another American thing I will never be able to understand or immerse myself in. It somehow reinforced the exuberant consumerist driven idea I’ve always theorised about the country. The game itself was obviously an experience. I couldn’t understand most of the intricacies or rules but I did know enough to realise that it was a really close and exciting match. But if you want to not look bad in a crowd, just follow the crowd! Quite easy actually, given that there was a guy with a mike telling us what to do… “OK GUYS ‘GO BEARS’ ON 3.. READY??? 1… 2… 3…”… “GO BEARS!”. I also was able to witness the origin of that one thing everyone hates about the IPL the most-cheerleaders, the most pretentious things ever for a popular Indian sport. Given where I was and the sport, it is safe to say that it made a little more sense to have cheerleaders there since the game looked to be completely crowd controlled. Whenever a team is about the punt the ball into the other court, everyone goes from a low to high rumbling “ooooooooooOOOOOO..” and there is a band that follows the crowds rhythm and plays it on their instruments. Side Note: They played Basket Case on drums and trumpets!! Which made me both happy and sad: Happy because it was a song I knew and loved and was able to sing to, sad because the crowd didn’t seem to know the song… Which really killed me inside given the fact that Berkeley was supposed to be the birth place of Green Day; Plus it just didn’t feel right with trumpets playing what was supposed to be punk rock guitar. Overall it was totally fun and confusing and great spending the day with friends and following their cues on when to cheer, when to boo, when to boo the referee, when to make noise with the crowd to distract the opponent team. Which I find quite degrading and pathetic honestly, since it gives our team an unfair advantage and would actually mean that we won because the crowd distracted the enemy team when they had the ball and kept quite when we had the ball. More so owing to the fact that this was a home game and Golden Bear fans dominated the stadium. As I said, another American thing I just don’t get and seems crazy to me, but it was an experience!

Talk to you tomorrow!

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