Third Person Perspective on the First Party

So today I went out to my first party! Sounds good right? Well my experience is not what you think. I just went for a brief amount of time to see how it is and what goes on;plus I abstain from drinking completely, so don’t expect some fun story here. Here is, quite simply, a third person’s perspective on parties. While going we did see a man take a piss from outside his window on the second floor straight into the alley, and apparently that was normal and was just the beginning. First thing was ‘getting in’, the gatekeepers try to maintain the ratio of men and women and are, not-so-surprisingly, clamping down on the gigantic boys groups that try to get in. I was also with a group of similar thought-lines (No drinks or drugs.) as mine, but we were an all boys group just checking out the party scene. Luckily one of the guys in the group knew someone in the frat, just said his name and described him for a bit and we were in. Now it goes without saying that there was a lot of party cups and beer cans all around; Outside the building is where the relatively sane and non-drunk people were, just enjoying the times with their friends consciously. Up to this point I was thinking to myself, “Oh, not so bad! I thought it would be some crazy shit…”, but inside the building was where ‘it was at’. Dark, sweaty, disco lights flashing everywhere and guys and girls having a ‘real good time’. I’d rather not go into the specifics of how they do such things, so I beckon you to use your imagination and guess what do college students do inside parties; I’m sure you’ll think of something. The crowd was wild, dancing crazily and doing their stuff. A couple of couples were also ‘doing’ their thing (again, use your imagination), so then we went up to the roof, where we thought we would get some respite from the craziness. But a couple of people were doing stuff there as well; I have no problem with people doing stuff there, it is after all a party, I’m just telling you what I saw, if you want to be judgmental, you may do so but I don’t believe in that either. Then later towards the night the crowd thinned down and that allowed the people that remained to have an even ‘better time’; Especially the couples (need I say it again). And so, after that night of witnessing everything, we went back to our dorms, and here I am relating to you what I saw. I’m not a party person, and I don’t think I ever will be, but if you are it is totally fine and I’m cool with that;I don’t believe in extending my so-called self righteousness to people who simply don’t share my ideologies. (Hell yeah, inclusivity!!)

Sorry if this subject bothers you, but this is what college is to many people (not me though…)! Till tomorrow then!

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