A really perfect day & An IRL epic picture (In Real Life)

The Calm Before The Storm...

The Calm Before The Storm…

The picture here is THE most epic picture I have ever seen that is not from a TV show or movie (i.e. In Real Life). I’ll get back to that after this:

I really loved how today went! It was just perfect, the way I was able to adhere to my schedule that is. Woke up right at the alarm’s chime, freshened up, got dressed, breakfast and I was on my way to class. As I have probably said before, I have organised my classes such that I have at least a good hour’s gap between each class. This lets me organise and get ready for the next class better (and also finish up any homework I may have left out). I was able to do this with perfection and had just the right amount of time to finish up work, read up for class and take tiny breaks throughout the day. I’m beginning to respect my own schedule and my scheduling! (The advent of self-respect… FINALLY!). It went so well that in fact I have now prepared some of my assignments that aren’t due for over a week! (some mind you, I’ll value honesty over hubris now onwards…) And now I can relax a bit more and get a little more sleep that usual. Hope it keeps going the same way.

That picture you see is from an amateur grab of an incident that occurred at the Delhi Zoo wherein a young man who somehow managed to climb into the white tiger enclosure at the zoo was mauled by one of its occupants. This frame of the footage shot on a cell phone is apparently just minutes before the tiger viciously mauled the man to death. (Now don’t get crazy;in Hindi terms, it is the tiger’s dharma to pounce at anything it sees as a manageable threat or food so it is completely wrong let alone very stupid to blame the tiger for doing what nature has engineered it to do!) Now while the incident is obviously terrible and I feel sorry for the man’s family, it was incredibly stupid what this man did. He chose his own fate, and quite literally! The article on the website of The Hindu (link to article here) indicates that the man actually leaned onto the fence which was quite high and fell into it EVEN AFTER the guard warned against it! Now I won’t discuss the event itself as much as that picture. I don’t know what you feel, but to me it was just as powerful as the entirety of the Breaking Bad series. You may well think that that is too much of an overstatement, but Breaking Bad is, after all, scripted entertainment. This was a real incident and that is a REAL photograph. Just think about that! The tiger is just staring at the man flailing his hands like that… This shot really got me, I’ll tell you that!

Till tomorrow then! Seeya.

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