People Can’t Read Here! & 1000 Hits!!

So in today’s English class, we were reading a sort-of play (technically its called a masque, google it up if you want to know more). Our instructor asked one of the students to read out loud. What followed only instigated disbelief in me! While she was reading, she made so many mistakes I questioned reality! (Mostly because of my what-now-should-be-considered stereotype that the Americans would know at least how to read aloud very well) I thought I was done with all these comical moments back in high school, and please understand I did not, well, do not, laugh to mock someone. It is quite simply because the way the person has said something was genuinely funny! The worst of the mistakes I could notice was the mistake of reading out ‘ire’ for ‘air’. I thought that she would at least redress that wrong and be quick to correct herself, but no. Just a bit surprising is all.

1000 hits on my blog!! I would like to thank myself for doing everything because in reality I was the one who conceptualised this idea of doing a personal archive of my life and I just kept putting out content and somehow people have latched on to it so I don’t have to thank anyone. If you have read any of my stuff, or are reading this now, THANK YOU! These numbers give great motivation for me to keep pumping out quality content from my brain. (Very badly put, that was) Keep it coming, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow!! Sorry this was rather short, but today was after all, a Monday for me…

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