Analytical/Argumentative Essays? & Midterms!

Back in the good old days (Don’t misunderstand the good as some sort of contempt, it is more to defeat the status quo of all old days as being the greatest ever… They were hard, just as it is now.) in high school, our concept of essay writing was purely something of paraphrasing and writing. The most common questions that would occur were the ones that would ask “what were the actions of ‘X’ and why did he/she do so?, Do you think it was right?”. That is right, they would ask us to perform judgement calls on literary works. Of course, (full disclosure) I didn’t even know that this was low-level and stupid to do, but my environment was such. As I have previously ranted, the CBSE’s curriculum is, quite simply, pathetic;And I direct this specifically to the English curriculum. I really don’t want to brag, but I must to make my point here: Had I not been so curious and exploring in the field of reading, writing and co-curriculurs of my interests, I don’t think I would have ever been able to cope up with the seemingly high level of composition that goes on here at college. I find this much better for me because for the first time in my academic life I am actually being intellectually challenged while writing an essay. My fellow friends from CBSE schools should realise this if they are to have a chance in coping up with college-level writing skills. The CBSE curriculum for English simply will not prepare you for anything after 12th grade, it only serves to shine up your report card and if that is all you want in life, you are very short sighted. In college we have things like argumentative essays, where we have to do a close-reading of a text, and upon analysis of said text (see how I didn’t devote another sentence for the process of analysis itself… Should tell you how relatively hard it is as compared to CBSE, which in this writers opinion, is a joke.) you must provide a point of argument and by providing quoted material and analysis of the material, prove you point of argument. Has anybody still in a CBSE school ever imagined such a thing? I’ll write more about this in the coming days. Issue 2:

Midterms!! Its hardly been a month and already we’re undergoing the one thing that no student can avoid in addition to death and taxes (or so goes the phrase, even though technically most students do not pay taxes.):exams. To provide a comparable point of reference, I would place these on the same plane as 2 cycle tests combined. I.E. They are quite easy if you study in good time. A week should be enough. The exams really aren’t the hard part here, its the essays that really need a lot of time to perfect. For example: On my upcoming Math mid term, the topics covered on this test are just Functions and Limits! That’s pretty much it! Now we CBSE peeps know how rough we have it in terms of math. So it is actually relatively easy here. So my conclusive advice to all CBSE students who aspire to attend an American college: Math is easy, don’t worry about that. Focus on your English writing skills. Don’t think about what goes on in English class, it ain’t nothing (quite simply put). Look up the internet and try writing argumentative essays on literary work you can find online. I’m serious! It will definitely help you on the college app essay and the argumentative essays you would be writing in college.
That’s all I have for today. I’m sorry I missed yesterday, had some extensive reading to do and that went well into the night… Till tomorrow then!!

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