The Class-Sleepers & I GOT A JOB!

Probably should have been the other way around judging by importance and value, but in my view, I’d rather save best for last…
So today’s Physics lecture was, for me at least, SUPER great. The main topic was on nuclei and radiation. We discussed things I’d already learned in school (Atleast one thing I have to thank CBSE for. ) Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation and what each of them constitutes, simple stuff like that. What was most impressive and made it worth mentioning (as if it needs my certificate/stamp.. But I did like it) was that he had prepped a demonstration of radiation for us then and there;He had some ACTUAL Uranium oxide and put a Geiger counter near it and it went CRAZY, along with a bunch of other things, including the fire detectors we have in most of our homes, glow in the dark analog watches and more! He also showed us that lead blocks actually shield radiation. Geiger counters are so cool!! Anyway, the point here being that the class was very interesting to say in the very least (notice that ironical use of an alliteration of sorts? My literary skills are soaring to greater heights every day!), but I found a couple of people around me LITERALLY sleeping in class! I kid you not. People were dozing off in their chairs while a man withing 20 feet of them was showcasing the radiation of uranium oxide!! Coming from my school, where relatively basic (not acid-basic, i mean fundamental-basic) chemicals were not easy to come by – naturally I beheld the moment in awe, but I felt that quite a few students in the class were just taking it for granted. As if they were only there because of mandatory attendance and they don’t want to lose on that portion of their GPA. I just couldn’t believe people were actually sleeping in class! If this were to occur in my school (it actually has, and the result that follows is a first hand account of actual events.), the teacher would use that to her advantage and try to humiliate you in the worst way possible (most of the time it was going up close to the sleeper and screaming out “Good Morning!!”, and all of us would obviously laugh at the person, even if he/she was our best friend, because THAT is what real friends do.. 🙂 )

I got a job! My very first real job in the real world of realness! What, too real? (Bad pun) it was pretty cool, and the interview (or whatever it was supposed to be, because it was quite simply a breeze) had no questions! It was more like the interviewer was describing the job to me and ended with asking me if that was something  wanted to do, and I replied, “DUH!” and that was it, I had ‘landed the job’ as they say. Now I can go back to what I had written earlier and now affirm that I am even closer to joining the working class heroes. (Again, LOVE that phrase… Even though I might not be using it in the right context.) I start next week, and I will obviously write about my work experience and stuff. That’s all I got for tonight, I’m writing this late night so this will look like it is for the 19th, but it is an account of the 18th written late. Till the next time then!


  1. TheKeenObserver · · Reply

    Well, I don’t see why you seem to think sleeping in the class is that unusual….the subject may not have been that exciting for the sleepers. May be they had a late night party, may be they ate a bit too much for breakfast… 🙂

    1. Its not the first time I’ve seen it! And if Uranium radiation is not interesting enough for a class that they voluntarily signed up for, I don’t know what is…

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