Nearly Working Class & Scheduling

One of my cousins is living a career-led life in a Tier 1 city, and when I visited her and stayed with her for a few days, I realised how monotonous her schedule seemed (if her schedule was a sound, since monotony usually refers to sounds and I don’t why it is often used in contexts like these…), wake up pretty early in the morning, go to work, start back at like 8 PM, reach home at like 9, eat dinner and watch TV for like half an hour and go to sleep and next morning it all starts again. DO not, I repeat, do not assume that my day is (or was, since I want to refer to TODAY) anywhere near to that caliber of rigour. However I mentioned this little parable to relate to how today was. I had a 10 AM class which was done in an hour, my next class was in 2 hours. Usually I go back to my dorm and kick back for a bit, read up for the next class and refresh, but today’s class had a bit of extra reading so I thought I’d stay on campus for the time that remained and do the reading/practice (it was a math class that would follow) in the library. Time seemed to slow down in the library, probably due to the silence… I love solitude at times, it is why I am selectively introvert when needed. So then, I went to class straight from there, attended lecture, came out of it. Still had one more class:reading and composition, it involves invoking close reading skills on renaissance era literature and drawing arguments based on textual evidence. So in a nutshell, it aint easy;it can actually get rather hard at times… I’ll leave the specifics for another time. The point is that I had some reading to do to prepare for the class and the class was in an hour. I once again plopped down not to the library, but to a bench under a tree. One cannot express in words the joy of close-reading a renaissance era play under a tree in broad daylight! It just feels right! Then I went straight to class, brought up a few good arguments in class. Then, and only then, was I done and on my way back to my dorm. It was a first for me, not going back in between classes. Statistically it was nothing compared to what I just described in the beginning, but I wanted to feel like I’m important even at the student age, so I went ahead and labelled my day as one of a working class hero (Love that phrase… P.S. : For my generation, I’m more familiar with Green Day’s cover of this and the homage of this in 21st Century Breakdown than that of Lennon’s original single.) It felt like I have actual responsibilities and stuff to do now. It felt good and bad.

That pretty much covers both the topics on what I have to say about today. One more thing would be that approximately 70% of my day is scheduled now. (A big change from the previous figure of 0%) It feels great to step up and get stuff done and all! Till tomorrow then!

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