Real Work & The End Of GWT/Procrastination

Monday: everybody’s worst day and not surprisingly, mine too. Lots of homework and reading had to be completed this evening. Math was especially excruciating for 2 reasons on 2 levels. One:The total number of problems was insane, much more than the amount we’ve been used to for the past 2 weeks. Two: On our syllabus sheet, it only showed that we had around 8 problems to be submitted as homework the next day; So I thought I’d take it easy and do my reading first and save the ‘light’ math for later. Realise, I did not (some Yoda grammar for you…), that each problem had like 10-12 sub problems in them. That’s what really bugged me, the sub-problems that shocked me and made me stay up quite a bit. But I wasn’t hesitant in completing the sums. It was actually fun and interesting; A good revision of the concepts. That’s why college is so great!! (One of many reasons I have given and probably will give.)

I’ve also realised that I have implicitly stopped procrastinating my work by distracting myself with something my dad likes to call GWT. (General Waste of Time) Basically it refers to any activity that I use for passive entertainment to distract myself from my studies (and to an extent, things that actually matter) like using the computer, the television, the gaming consoles and what not. It just ain’t happening anymore, and the best part is that I am not making a conscious attempt at stopping it. Its like I’m sub-consciously responsible (even I find that hard to believe) now. Pretty cool actually, considering the fact that I actually enjoy focussing on academics and homework nowadays!

Till tomorrow then!

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