Assignments & Late Sundown

So I thought I’d take a bit of time and write about the current academic situation, which is after all the primary reason I’m ten thousand miles away from home (I don’t know if it is that long, but I love the effect the word ‘ten thousand’ has!). Till date, my weekends have been mostly fun. Not much work to do other than read up the week’s readings to be able to participate in the discussion sections of the classes. But I expect that to change as classes progress. Its actually fun to do assignments here! The classes are designed such that you are almost certain to get involved in it vis-a-vis note taking in lecture, reading up for discussion section, doing your best in assignments and other goals to get as close as possible to that 4.0! I guess its like a real transformation from high school kid to adult! Yes, it literally is what it is, but we take it for granted until we get to that stage do we not?

The sun sets SO late here!! (As compared to India). I’m used to an environment where there is no sunlight after 6:45 at most, But here, its only dark after 8:15 or so! I admit I might be rather late in addressing this ‘concern’ of mine; This should have been something I brought up when I got here, but other things struck first. It was very strange at first. I would see the sky getting all dark blue and I’m thinking to myself, “Oh, just a couple of hours from now we should be heading for dinner”. On the contrary, dinner was being served at that time! And I stare at the clock in disbelief as it proves that it is indeed dinner time. (wow, that was indeed akin to a novel climax or something…). Took more than a week to adjust to that.

That’s about it for today! Back to the grind tomorrow! Not really though, I actually look forward to classes nowadays. Plus its only a few hours a day at most! Most of the time, I have to myself.. Till tomorrow then!

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