Free Time & And my new poster

Today, as I have explained in my previous blog, is the day of the week on which I have only one class. Consequently, I had a lot of free time, which I used to explore the town. And also to catch up on some reading for next weeks classes! Its probably my favourite thing to do: just explore town alone at night… Now not in an unsafe way! (Wouldn’t want my parents reading this to get worried so let’s get some things straight) I go on all the main streets which are always filled with other college kids (who are mostly party hopping btw) I just watch the people, the streets, the lights… (ok that was a little too narrative for a blog!) For reasons I’ve tried explaining before, I like being by myself but at the same time amongst people. The city is always vibrant, nearly every hour of the day, so it is pretty magnificent to watch at night!

That featured image is my new dorm poster!! I love ‘Murica parodies (specifically Uncle Sam) and I love Star Wars even more, so it seemed so perfect! A steal from amazon (not literally) for 15 cents!!!! Darth Vader propaganda… And I love how he’s always staring at me; So whenever I feel kinda down and alone, I’ll always be needed by the Empire and by Darth Vader!! I live to serve YOU my lord!!
Anyway.. That’s pretty much it! Talk to you tomorrow for a Saturday review!

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