More weirdness & LONG Days just passing by…

Well, here’s some more weirdness for you from the Promised Land… (wait, I don’t know if that’s an accurate reference for me to make. I believe that was in reference to emancipated Africans who were promised rights to the land of America, hence the term… But I like the phrase, so I’ll use it.. ) On my walk to campus from my dorm today, as I said before I cross about 3 blocks of streets before getting into the campus itself, I found a couple of homeless people SINGING with guitars and not solos… in Duets!! I mean it was any sort of music I personally liked, but the feel I got from them is that they were really a happy go lucky lot. This may not be the case, but it almost seems like they would rather stay homeless and avoid all the responsibilities. Once more, this may be a naive observation. I do not claim to be an expert on the internal affairs of homeless people in the United States, but them singing, wildly at that, did appear to me as though they were enjoying themselves. Weird. Not quite like the beggars back home (in India, for those who aren’t familiar with the writer of this blog). We have all had at least a few experiences of beggars coming to us while we’re waiting at a red light in traffic, knocking on our car’s window. I can’t forget the face of desperation they all share when they beg. The threat there is real. They face a true problem. At-least that is what I can claim to know a bit about since I’ve lived in India for over a decade.

Next: A bit about my schedule and how it has been till now. To be precise (Good ol’ Tintin reference in there!) I have 4 out of 5 working days with at least 4 hours of class per day, that’s Monday to Thursday. Friday is a GREAT day, with just an hours lecture from 2-3 pm. But in my very limited experience here, I have found that the days when I am loaded with lectures to attend, the day just gets over quite quickly because of how loaded it is with stuff to do. Whereas days like Friday (extended to Saturday and Sunday as well) go quite slowly since I am mostly not in the college and can go through homework/assignments at ease. This entire week has been quite quick and now tomorrow is Friday, which I expect will go quite slowly… Just the way I like it. I have this strange admiration for time spent with myself. You may very well call me a loner, even though I do spend quite some time with friends in cafĂ©s/restaurants and wherever else, but I appreciate that time more than I do with people. Kind of the anti-climax to Neil Patrick Harris’ famous quote about things not being legendary unless shared with friends and all.. But it is what it is..

That’s about it for the day. I’m really liking how the daily blog are going (bit premature, but again:it is what it is). Also have gained more viewers/followers with every passing blog. That’s a good sign. Do stay tuned to The Daily Word, and see you tomorrow.

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