More weird stuff & The Most Eventful Apple Event in a LONG time.

While walking down the entrance gate to college, there’s a lane that leads to it, and it is full of make-shift stands and people handing out flyers. Truly weird to me. I mean by being a westernised (or corrupted, in the words of some very proud, conservative Indians) kid, I knew about this stuff existing in the Land of Opportunity; But the actual event happening to you? Completely different experience. I think on average I collect am handed about 3-4 flyers per trip on the lane! That’s a lot of students standing out there during peak class hours not having much to do. Most of them are adverts for greek organisations, another weird concept for me even though I know enough of it from western media. Not a bad day today; Quite cold, 4 classes (which by the way is a lot of work in a day.) Moving On.

By now, the internet is probably loaded with info and analysis on today’s Apple Event at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts, which you should know, is a special place for Apple in that most legendary Apple products were introduced on that stage by the late and great Steve Jobs. This is, after all, a personal opinion blog, so let me say some stuff. I’m SUPER glad Apple have switched back to a curved-edge body, because I still use my 3rd Gen iPod Touch, and that, for me, was the definition of a curved handheld. All the usual incremental updates with fascinating numbers, as expected. But the video they showed at the very beginning was a nice touch, and even better was the Fallon/Timberlake iPhone ad! Then we had the Watch: Which as aptly described by Apple, is the most personal device they have created. So many functions onto a watch-sized computer, truly a wondrous day for Apple. I’ve heard some people complain about pricing, and I really don’t get that for 2 reasons:
1) It is, quite clearly, an Apple device. So the whole price argument has been on for years, and Apple still sees super-crazy growth and profits every quarter, so either people are blinded or hypocritical. 
2)Don’t people spend more for nice, fancy looking watches? Watches whose sole purpose (obviously something like a watch is not bought on functionality in the 21st century, but for the sake of the argument, stay with me.) is, inexplicably, to show the time? Now we have this customisable Apple product (Yeah, and those two don’t go together often.) which allows you to dictate texts, free-form chat, read your heartbeat, use 3rd party apps for God knows how many purposes and you won’t pay less for functionality? 350$ is steep, but like all of Apple, its a premium price for a premium product. It is their model, and it has worked quite well for quite some time. So all good stuff till now. But… U2 COMES IN, and I’m screaming “YESSSSS!!”, but I don’t recognise the song they are playing. Then with the little obviously-rehearsed but totally sweet dialogue exchange between Tim Cook and Bono, we come to know that it is U2’s album release!! And its happening AS THEY SPEAK!!! (I wish there was something more dramatic then caps for the following, but that statement should be enough to tell you I mean more) AND ITS FREE AND ALREADY LOADED ON EVERYONE’S iTUNES ACCOUNT!!
I don’t have/need words to describe what an awesome, eventful Apple event this was. Finally no only-incremental-updates stuff. Till tomorrow then. 

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