The Happy-Go-Lucky Homeless People & LAUNDRY!!!

QuickNote:Since blogs are going daily, obviously they will shrink in size. But on the whole, more content per week, you should be happy, now back to it…

On my way from my dorm to the lecture halls, I have to cross 3 blocks before getting into the actually college campus. On my way, I see more than a couple of homeless people just sitting around, some even ‘burning it’ (tobacco, not weed you Jesse Pinkman of a person!). The point here is not to take a side on smoking, more like how not-so-sad they seem. Again, this is just an observation I made this evening, so forgive me it if it seems naive to you and you’ve made an in-depth analysis of homeless people. Please share such analysis and educate me. To give you a more specific observation to substantiate my claim: I was walking back from classes down to my dorm, and sitting on the street is a very healthy (yes, I am politely saying fat) homeless man. When I was just about to cross him, he shoots the most unexpected question at me: “What’s the capital of Australia, Melbourne or Sydney?”. Total disclosure-for about 7 seconds I walked away believing that the answer was Melbourne, but after that a fortunate AHA moment helped me realise the fact that it was neither (Canberra for those who do not know). On the most fundamental level, it is an excellent choice of a trick question to ask random passersby. On another level:did you expect that from a homeless person? Though not a very clear stereotype, I think quite a few of us expect homeless people to be uneducated/uninformed poorly dressed people who just keep asking for a bit of change from people. This moment really jolted me, not just because it was any trick question, because it was a really clever one! Honestly, I never expected such a thing coming out of a homeless man. I’ve never even heard people of the ‘higher’ social strata asking me such a thing. Really cool thing. I actually like the people, even though that does not change my belief on giving money to them.

I did my own laundry for the very first time last week. It was a proud moment for me, and I’m guessing most people born in the 90’s. Though in and of itself it was not by any means a ‘special moment’. I just went into the laundry room, put the coins in, put my clothes in it, waited, stuffed the washed clothes into the dryer and finally took them back to my room. There was a strange sense of responsibility that overcame me when I was folding my clothes; Probably due to my previous experiences of walking to the living room back home and just taking the already-folded clothes into my cupboard.

That’s all for the day, see you all tomorrow.


  1. TheKeenObserver · · Reply

    A comment: “Probably due to my previous experiences of walking to the living room back home and just taking the already-folded clothes into my cupboard.” –> after being reminded by your parents to do this? 🙂

    1. Hey, don’t embarrass me on my own blog!!!!! 😉

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