A HUGE change to my life, the DC/Marvel Battle and Westernisation of our country.

Been a long time, I know. But I have a mildly valid excuse at least. (Note to self: This isn’t a good trend, infrequency isn’t good for the blog, so I think I’ll have to like make a time table and make sure this is there in it and be a better, frequent blogger..) A major event is about to come to my life. Change of location, (Elementary, my dear reader…) INDEPENDENT LIVING!!! I’m so excited I’m nearly blinded by my pride of the coming dark ages.. But seriously, being independent is going to take it to the next level I guess. More responsibility and more freedom, so I think its all good! 

To put it in a nutshell… I’m off to college. 
<Cue the dramatic music, with loud patriotic trumpets and stuff) 
I will be leaving very soon, its a huge deal since I’m an international student for the college. Its a LONG travailel plan, I’ll be flying literally halfway around the world to get to the place through a bunch of hops, so I’m totally excited about that stuff. (Not really taking in the whole deal about classes and exams at the moment since I don’t want to ruin my optimism, we all need our fantasy lands for however short-lived they are, right?) So I can now confidently say that I can devote WAY more time to this blog and my barely-started YouTube channel now, being independent and all that. I’d rather not bore you with more words about “How excited I am” or “how grateful I am to blah blah”, I mean all that stuff is a given, right? This is what I meant when I said I don’t like formalities and stuff. Its all implied and therefore there is no need to say it! So I’ll hit you up the next time when I am there and have kind of settled (overcome jet lag at least) and am able to inform you of my current situation and, as always, more random stuff to talk about. 

To my great regret, Marvel is going to OWN the next 10 years. They have owned the last many years as well. And when I say “own”, I mean box office earnings. ‘Cuz we all know most of the movies are a bunch of cliched BS, (The Avengers? overdriven fan-gasms… Don’t even get me started on Iron Man 2… Iron Man 3? Complete WTF moment you all know I’m talking about, along with many more BS moments like WHERE THE HECK IS EVERYONE ELSE!!! WHY CAN’t THEY HELP HIM OR SOMETHING! Thor 2? Villain COMPLETELY overshadowed by Loki, I can’t even remember that guys name!! Captain America 2? Multiple ‘The Dark Knight’ rip offs with a completely pointless apparent dramatic moment in the very beginning of the movie, which we all know was BS. You’ve already established that they all are in the same universe, and that means HUGE problems when you have to make standalone movies for each of the heroes.)… <off topic, back to the theme..>

Now with Guardians of the Galaxy, they have established that they are capable of making a movie about a racoon-action star that will earn hell-a lot at the box office. The last great thing to happen to DC was The Dark Knight Trilogy, and that was ALL on Christopher Nolan. It wasn’t part of some DC plan leading to The Justice League or something… Something that Marvel had cleverly already planned and executed very well, looking at box office earnings. Now we have Man of Steel, which was good only because of another genius Hans Zimmer soundtrack. I can’t speculate how the whole Batman vs Superman sequel thing is going to go down. They released a couple of pictures from the movie. Henry Cavill is a stud, but Ben Affleck looks like a COMPLETE LAME ASS in the picture!! I’m sorry to make it sound like every YouTube comment ever, but that is the truth. I don’t know why they can’t just look at it from a fans perspective before revealing the pictures to everyone! Batman in this movie looks extremely bulky and almost chubby! But I will still wait for the movie and not resort to the nonsense most people on the internet have. There was even a petition to remove Ben Affleck from the cast of this movie! Seriously people? The guy has just won an Oscar for something HE HIMSELF worked on and you are going to discredit him before the movie is even out? That is completely unfair, but the picture of Batman looks quite bad to me.

Just wrapping up now. 

I’ve only now noticed this sort of misbalance of culture in India. The remnants of the British era along with the modern westernisation that completely opposed the country we were without any of them. I have strong opinions about this stuff, so do bear with me. We all know how law-abiding we Indians are as drivers of automobiles. But the thing is its not that we (Not me! I have never jumped a signal or anything of that sort ever!! Sort of egotistical to separate myself from the crowd, but I want to make it clear.) have some sort of disrespect for the law or are doing it with some sort of guilt either. The fact of the matter is that we just don’t care about it, and I mean that in the most unequivocal manner. Laws and authority just don’t matter to us because they are all relatively new, western things suddenly thrust into our society. I would see it better to have no cars in our country and have just public transport, minimally at that. Just how it was in the good old days. Not because of the same “the old days were better than today” cliche, its because that is the India that had naturally evolved to that point. The problem is that the British left us with this sudden urge to modernise (which is inevitably, westernise.) And the process just didn’t go that well. We have all the worlds brands available in our malls, yet we don’t want to pay for it, or would want to get it on discount. Our cost of living is lower than the west and hence our salaries are lower than the west, so how can we even expect to be able to afford brands from the west? 

Basically, we should’ve been left alone…

See you next time! From the other side of the world!!


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