X-Men Days Of Future Past Review & Irony Amongst Us

Let’s get right to it.

Words cannot express how glad I am that Brian Singer has revived the franchise with a near masterpiece of a movie. (Or maybe the reason I feel that it is a near masterpiece is because X3 was just so bad… Go away Brett Ratner!!) First Class was a good one, but there were quite a few flaws and continuity errors, and many set pieces in the movie just don’t connect so well. But not to worry! Mr. Singer has fixed up the X-Men franchise with an amazing come back film of sorts! From one perspective, it would seem that the purpose of Days Of Future Past was to make sure that X-Men The Last Stand was forgotten and that it never happened (kind of a spoiler, this is) because we all know how messed up that stuff was… For the sake of not spoiling any of it, I will not discuss any plot points. However, I will say this to the user: Make sure you have seen the original X-Men trilogy, Origins: Wolverine (not really necessary, however terrible it was, but who doesn’t want to know the origin story of the most badass X-Man out there!), and The Wolverine and all the post credits scenes of all the aforementioned movies, for they add significant weight to the plot of the whole X-Men story arc and will explain certain things that may seem unbelievable. Like Charles’ death in X3 and sudden reappearance in Days Of Future Past. (The Wolverine and X3 post credits scenes should help you with this).

The film has been taken in a most breathtaking fashion and also contains some extremely creative,memorable scenes (slow-mo in the pentagon… My favourite scene of the year!). It will ultimately change the way you look at the X-Men franchise, both the story line and your opinion of it. One could say that it closely resembles Terminator 2 (changing the future and sending people back in time and robots being prepared in the past that ultimately destroy the world in the future), but I’m ready to ignore that because of how wonderful the film is. ‘Worth A Watch’ is an understatement. You HAVE to watch this, or you don’t deserve to live (excuse the sudden fanboyism, if that is a word<it isn’t, there’s a red squiggly line under it while I’m typing this… sigh>)

Part 2: 

The results of the numerous exams happening around are quite strange and frankly, ironic. Some of my friends have literally spent years in those coaching classes in their quest for success in the JEE. I’ll stop for moment to make you, the reader, acknowledge what I mean by spending years. Every day, after 6 hours of school, it isn’t time for homework and relaxing at home. It is time to leave for 4 hours of coaching class for the JEE, and that is only on working days. On other days there have been 10-12 hour classes. Multiple hours of mock examinations at a single stretch. The list goes on, and it is truly pathetic. The state of our nation’s education system. That combined with the horrendous reservation system our country runs, and you get a pretty messed up place. 
So at the end of the race. After years (now you understand the term) of practice that has led to this moment… Not one person I know who had enrolled for one of those dreadful classes ever made it to the next stage of IIT selection (JEE Advanced). On the other hand, another guy I know, someone who is actually heading out of India to pursue his undergrad education, wrote the JEE for fun (and also because he had casually attended some sort of combined class that prepped you for both Class XII and JEE) and made it!!

What do you say to that? Is irony not an understatement? When will there ever be a proper system in our country that actually selects the students based on a more comprehensive approach and not one single exam?

Till the next time.

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