An interesting Parable to Indian Politics

How’s it going?

I was just pondering over all the drama that will end on May 16th, (The day election results are out), and it got me thinking. How would one explain all of this to an outsider? Clearly anyone who has never been to India and wants to understand our politics will take a very long time to even get a grasp on the various political leaders and their motivations/inclinations and their worth. (For example, if we could quantify worth, someone like Rahul Gandhi’s worth would probably be on the negative side). And suddenly it occurred to me!


Yes, using one of the most popular film franchises in history, I was able to create a parable for Indian politics. We have the trade federation and the separatists with their droid army (The Congress, whose exceeding number of relations with rich people like Robert Vadra and co. ) who have controlled things for a long time. And we have the Jedi, who are considered righteous by many, but only believe that whatever they do is right (it mostly turns out right though…) and are fighting to eliminate the control of the separatists from the Galaxy (The BJP). But now, all of a sudden, we have an apparent idealist, Anakin Skywalker (we’ll forget the fact that he was mentored by the Jedi at first). As Anakin grows as a character, probably towards Episode 3:Revenge Of The Sith, we see him taking a stance more aggressively (The Arvind Kejriwal!!! Who attaches himself with the general anti-incumbency present across the nation against the Congress) But all of sudden, when Anakin Skywalker sees himself in some position of power, as a member of the Jedi Council, but not yet granted the status of Jedi Master, he begins to doubt the intentions of the Jedi, and so on and so forth till he joins the Sith and wipes out the Seperatists and initiates war against the Jedi. So akin to Mr. Kejriwal who left Delhi with his promises of change for his own personal gains. His greed overcame his initial idealism unfortunately, the same way Skywalker’s desire to save Padme (his love) from an impending death overcomes his Jedi mindset of righteousness.

So that’s the parable I thought up, i think its pretty interesting (obviously, i mean it is my own thought…)

Till the next time.

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