The End of School, UPA3/NDA and what’s ahead

I know its been a very long time since I last posted, but I hope you will excuse me for the fact that I was completely immersed in that debacle known as examinations. But I will try hard to make up for lost time. My life as a school-going student ended on March 22nd (I mean, I think it did. Hopefully…) NO!!! This is not going to be one of those Nostalgic-I-remember-the-first-day-I-went-to-school-12-years-ago kind of posts. Frankly speaking I am so happy to be done with school, just think about it! No more homework, no more pesky teachers pestering you preposterously for postponed projects (Nice alliteration), No more worrying about missing class. The prospects of the coming summer leave me in awe as I don’t really know what to do with it. Hopefully, considering that I indeed manage to get accepted with a fair scholarship into one of the American universities I applied to, class would start in September. That leaves me with more 6 months of complete freedom! For so long I’ve been used to the 2-month vacations, which would always include a nice holiday somewhere for at least 2 weeks, that I really can’t proceed with it as a planned vacation the way I have done for years till now. I still have a couple more things to do for school-the last quiz, some sort of talk with high school about how to go about applying to foreign universities in general. So for the next month or so, for the most of it, I still am a part of my school. I am part of it, even though I don’t need to worry about classes! I’m really enjoying this whole ‘alumni’ thing and the perks of it!

Part 2: My political stand has for a long time been shrouded in mystery. The media has been desperately trying to get at me… Ok, cut the bullshit. Let’s be very honest, everything that ever occurred after Vajpayee’s government has been nothing but downhill. His was perhaps the best government we’ve ever had in relatively-recent times. As if UPA was bad enough, we managed to give power to UPA 2. This is all in the past, so let’s for a minute talk about 2014. In fact, let’s go just a year back, 2013. The year of the AAP. At the time, I really thought that this was the start of something magical. Even though their only agenda was anti-Congress (which quickly made them hypocrites after the whole Delhi episode), there was some form of revolution against the corruption that was destroying our country. 
But now after all that so-called idealism, Mr. Kejriwal went ahead and quit being CM after 49 days on the pretext of “No co-operation from the Congress”. The amount of hypocrisy employed by Mr.Kejriwal for what has become so obvious but we were completely oblivious to before was the fact that he was indeed eyeing the Lok Sabha elections. Did he not see the number of Delhi citizens he was leaving for his own personal gain-“Electricity, water, gas will be cheaper. Delhi will be restored” he said. The very democracy in his party is not only non-existent, but has been polarised. With all the anarchy on Delhi streets, beating up journalists? This is NOT the man I respected just over a year ago. 
So, the obvious choice would be for Narendra Modi to come to power, bring back India’s economy to where it was under Vajpayee’s regime. If UPA 3 were to become a reality, the outcome would be truly disastrous. For 10 years, we’ve had a Prime Minister as spineless as a star fish doing only what some Italian woman tells him to do, we could really use some help Mr. Modi. Please help us!

As for the last part, the only thing that I want to mention here is that I’m investing my time into a new YouTube channel! Its called Hazardous Films. (Let me shamelessly plug that in here) Yes, its a whole new world for us! We have loads of ideas and can’t wait to start uploading content. NO, that does not mean that this blog will stop, quite the contrary. This blog is actually more important to me than my YouTube channel. Some of you might know of the fact there are certain things that can be best expressed only in the form of words, and that somethings are better suited to a video. The thoughts that echo around in my head, maybe 60% of them are suited to the written format. But we’ll see how the channel goes. Do subscribe to it! We plan to upload our very first video in the beginning of April.

Till next week!

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