From TV to YouTube

Let’s be honest, TV is not the way it used to be for us like 5 years ago. There were so many great shows on so many channels that one was truly spoilt for choice. With shows like Drake&Josh, Jimmy Neutron, Beyblade… (man, I miss those days), my evenings literally had a timetable which would show the timings of particular shows and their weekend variant. But then came the time when all those shows slowly got cancelled and lost their monetary value, or so I suppose. That was when I realised that the TV business is, essentially, a business. Then a new generation of crappy and cheap shows took their place and that was the end of my relation with Nickelodeon. For some time I resorted to watching movies in the evening, but that got to redundant, for you can only watch a movie so many times, after which they become pointless. That’s when I initiated ‘The Search For The Alternative’, a ceaseless, epic journey to find the viable replacement to the good old TV shows, and that was when I discovered this site called YouTube (introductions unnecessary). The content people upload there is, first of all, on a weekly basis most of the time, quite like TV. The content is always new, crazy, unique and out of the world hilarious, and you can even watch old content again and again and it never gets old. I immediately subscribed to over 30 channels and never switched on my TV again… Now YouTube is my evening life.

See You in Sooner Than A Week.

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