Gravity & Aviation

As usual, the order will be that of the title.

When I first saw the trailer of Gravity, I knew it would be magnificent, but not in the way it ended up being. I expected a great, intricate story… But in the end, Gravity defied my definition of a great movie. The primary selling point, is of course, the beautiful special effects of the zero gravity environment, because most of the people will not understand the beauty of the story Gravity has. The realism will hit you hard, for it is not something that you would normally expect of a blockbuster movie – It has NO excessive explosions, NO hero or villain, NO guns… Nothing that adds up to the perfect money spinner. It is one of those unique movies that actually immerses you into itself (quite literally at times with the occasional first-person camera shots) and makes you wonder…
The film revolves around Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock, surprise surprise-Its a girl’s name) and Matt Kowalsky (George Clooney, whose role is not as extensive as you would’ve deduced from the trailer), 2 NASA mech. engineers who have been tasked with fixing the Hubble telescope. Meanwhile, a series of unfortunate happenings create an orbit of debris travelling at the speed of a bullet (May sound kind of cheesy but its not so.. Just watch it to get a better insight), they have to evacuate and get back to the Explorer, the rest of the story is the attempt of the pair to get back to Earth no matter what. The cinematography is a true work of art, you can really get a sense of what it would feel like if you were lost up there in space with Earth staring right back at you. Every scene is crafted with extreme determination and hard work. The result is the most realistic portrayal of space ever given. The duo (Bullock and Clooney) give an outstanding performance that truly makes you emotionally invest yourself into the movie. Its realism might not spark with most people, since I am one of the few people who truly adore a powerful, realistic movie as opposed to the more popular action flick. But it will succeed in drawing you into Cuarón’s world of the soundless, airless, isolated diorama of space. It is a wonderful experience.

For the last year, I had turned my back on aviation, I no longer had the enthusiasm I possessed when I first became familiar with it in 2010. But last week, when I was wondering about what I would do in the future, and what would I do with my free time. Out of curiosity/old times sake, I opened up X-Plane for the first time in a year, and that’s when it occurred to me, this was the one thing that meant the most to me. The very experience of flying an aircraft, taxiing through busy virtual airports, flying through cloudy skies, it all gives so much pleasure to me. Its even more fun than playing Battlefield or NFSMW. Flying is the one thing that truly brings me back to my senses (if i am in a bad mood). the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network is my second home, (, it is the one place where I always want to be. So after I opened up X-Plane, it made me realise the true value of the world I left. Now I have fully resumed my previous enthusiasm with the virtual aviation world, and I have something actually productive that I do when I have free time.

See you next week.









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