Report Card Day(Yikes…) & Being a dog(seriously)…

Been a long time… Probably because of all the hullabaloo about studying and what not… But anyway, I’ll not digress from the topic at hand…
Today was report card day, and as usual my story was kind of like all those facebook memes about being a tiger on usual days and being a mouse on report card days… But it actually opened my eyes to how close my close (i like saying that) to academic life is, and its just getting shorter. So I’ve pulling my pants up and rolling my sleeves lately. Only now do I feel motivated to achieve really high academically. I mean this one year is all that matters, it all ends with this, so might as well close this beginning chapter of life with a tremendous high…

Now on to thought 2: I was just watching my dog today, trying to assess her daily activity, and now I really wish I could live the life of a domesticated dog! Its such a simple yet beautiful life, even though its rather short in juxtaposition with human life. You have to get up really early in the morning, trouble the master so that he gets up and takes you for your morning play in the park, then by the time you come back home, the kids have gone to school and there is nothing much to do, so you doze off for the entirety of the morning and quite a chunk of the noon, and then its 1400, time to go yelp for lunch, and in 15 minutes, bon appétite. Then its back to the snooze.. 1530, the kids are back, spend half an hour wagging your tail asking them “What took you so long?”, then the big one takes you for a walk, so you can meet all your other friends and discuss the issues of the dog community. Come back, and master’s home, wag tail for 45 minutes, and soon after that dinner is served and then its back to the world of dreams… Its such a simple and easy life. No office stress, no homework, no exam pressure.. It really makes one wonder…

Sorry I haven’t been posting, I am back to weekly posts since I’ve made a timetable, so see you next week positively…

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  1. ThyQuotidianCommenter · · Reply

    So, afterall, the adage ‘it’s a dog’s life’ has all been wrong – at least as far as it concerns pet dogs !

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