That mixed feeling and Prakash Jha

So, we have our exams going on this whole week, (Mid Terms–Que the unnecessary tension…) and a terrible stomach ache prevented me from writing this Monday’s test-Chemistry…

The feeling I had just added to the real pain I had (as in the pain i speak of here is a metaphor for.. Yeah, you’ll get the point). I spent so much time preparing notes for it, I wrote out all the reactions in my practice notebook and I studied all of it from there, and come Sunday afternoon, I’m down with a most agonising  stomach ache… All that studying had gone for nothing.. I wouldn’t be able to write the test, unless I had some sort of miracle recovery (much like the movies) which never happened (Reality:”Wake up b****”) and the unexpected– I missed the Chem test!!! I wasn’t worried about getting a retest scheduled, because my rep with all the teachers is pretty good now,  as much as about studying everything again.. I mean I spent so much time studying for that test and all of that would be to no avail because of a freakin’ stomach ache?? I really couldn’t believe my fate!

I spent that day looking at past exam papers (Board exam papers) looking at the kind of questions to expect for the exam. It so turns out that I actually couldn’t answer as many answers that I thought I could, the way they asked the questions inside the paper really needed you to know the chapters like the back of your hand. So, it turns out that even if i did turn out okay to write the test, I wouldn’t have fared well, so in a way I was rather happy that I could skip the test for a later time. Again, I did not intentionally try to skip the test, I face things no matter what. (well, I try…). I happened to write the rescheduled test this week, and I felt pretty confident answering the questions. This was due to 2 reasons, 1:The question paper had zero similarity to official Board papers, and 2: I spent the whole weekend preparing promptly for this one. So I think I’m back and ready for the chasm of no return (Exams and college app).

The next Friday night, we (family) impulsively decided to go watch ‘Satyagraha’ at 10:00PM. this was based on Mom’s friend’s suggestion and on the fact that she wasn’t feeling up to the challenge of the kitchen that night, so we combined dinner and the movie, in that order. Now for the movie review: The film itself immerses the viewer into the world created by Mr.Jha, as he always does perfectly, with movies like Gangaajal, Rajneeti and Aarakshan to his name (Gangaajal, without a doubt, emerging his best work till date), the expectations are high for him, but it all ends up as a mediocre, melodramatic, confusing show. He isn’t able to decide if its a romance, a thriller, an action movie or one of those crazy ‘hero-wins-all’ movies.(The latter is, of course, Bollywood’s speciality). It starts off rather well, with Ajay Devgn doing the pressure-cooker-filled-with-seething-anger role as usual, (which he does quite well), Amitabh Bacchan is a fictionalised version of Anna Hazare (oh, and Ajay Devgn is supposed to be fictional Arvind Kejriwal). The completely unnecessary and kind of rushed ending will only make you think, “What is he trying to tell us?, where is the closure?”. Not to mention the near carbon-copying of multiple scenes from Richard Attenborough’s ‘Gandhi’, since he probably didn’t have time to think up something new. But anyway, its better than anything else Bollywood has to offer now.

I know its been a while since I’ve blogged, because I’ve been trying to divide my time between creative time and studying, so now I have a timetable, and every week you’ll see a new blog. See you next week, POSITIVELY.

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