2 months ago… When i registered for the October administration of the SAT, i thought to myself.. ‘ah… 4 months to go, I have loads of time to prepare and get 2300+…’ And then came the Princeton Review SAT guide (and in it heavy criticism against the ETS® and CollegeBoard™.) I went through it casually, trying to look at where i went wrong last time on the SAT, and how I can go better…

Then came the plan for a fest at school, the inter-house sports and reviewing Board Exam question papers. So today I look at my SAT file (contains all my previous practice tests, SAT admission tickets and other exam things.), I look at the admission ticket for the test in October, and I look at today’s date, WOW! only 2 months left!!

Not like I hadn’t used the previous 2 months to use, its just that I never thought that time would just fly like that! The only reason we feel that time often goes faster is because we never think of a particular thing all the time. Only when we realise that such a thing existed, or are reminded that such a thing is there. We feel that time just went by so fast! We never stopped to think about that one thing in our heavily booked city life.

Now, I am on track, studying in full swing for the SAT, for my mid terms and for the Board Exam (which I SERIOUSLY want to do extremely well.)

Good luck to all my fellow senior year-ites (not a real word), do it right and you’ll be settled for life ( Hey, that rhymes… kind of..)

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