Cycle of Life

The events of the last few days have left me a changed individual, for those who aren’t sure what I am talking about, I lost someone close. For privacy and sense (the latter is fast diminishing), I won’t give much detail, all I can say is I have become aware of just how merciless yet meaningful the cycle of life is. We are born for a purpose, we spend some years finding out what that purpose is and we spend the rest of our days completing it, and when we are done, we are reduced to dust (quite literally), ashes and bone. That is all that remains at the end of life, we return to the very thing that helped propagate us throughout our life… Its quite daunting when one actually thinks about it, all those years a man lives… and in the end he is reduced to ashes and bones, but that’s what keeps the new coming and gives the old back to its roots. Its quiet beautiful and terrifying to even ponder on!

It takes a LONG time to get used to the permanent absence of someone from your residence…

See you Sunday. For a longer, more comprehensive post

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