With Hands Held High Into A Sky So Blue, As The Ocean Opens Up To Swallow You…


I have nothing much to say for this week, so I went along and followed the daily inspiration from WordPress, and this was it.  This is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful song the 21st Century has witnessed. 

My Brother Had A Book He Would Hold With Pride

A Little Red Cover With A Broken Spine

On The Back, He Hand-Wrote A Quote Inside,

 “When The Rich Wage War, Its The Poor Who Die”

The song so directly makes a statement against the United States and its war mongering nature (Bush’s tenure). This album(Minutes To Midnight, Linkin Park) was released in 2007, that’s 6 years ago… And I still have the CD, limited edition. But what’s going on now? Some complete b*****it songs about some insipid love, or repeating the same word a million times, and everyone listens to such nonsense… Call me old fashioned, as you will… But there is no doubt that songs of the first decade of the 21st Century had MUCH more class and meaning than the nonsense we are exposed to today..

Pop used to be a much better genre before (even though i don’t prefer it, its still nice to listen to) but new players in this decade have completely twisted and corrupted the very essence of the genre, and in a way, of music itself…

Anyway, who am I to say anything, if the world has gone to the dogs (for lack of a better expression, i would have said gone to the humans, since it is, technically and realistically, more vulgar than the former.. and dogs are the greatest beings to be on this planet by my view..), than so be it…

The Dude

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