Man Of Steel, Voting Day and Viral Trends…

I’ll go in the very same order as the title says..

What happens when Zack Snyder, a director who’s only bragging rights are Watchmen, and maybe 300.. (Which I personally feel didn’t make any sense at all, but anyway), teams up with the likes of WB, Christopher Nolan, David S. Goyer and DC? Something very unique and new comes up. 
This team successfully introduces us to a whole new franchise, it gives us a whole new perspective on Superman, a franchise that has been lying dormant throughout the 21st Century (sorry Superman Returns.. You just didn’t do it well enough.) . It gives more depth behind the motives for certain things in the story.

The storyline by itself is pretty much the same, in the very beginning we are taken to Krypton, in its final moments before impending destruction. A single ship is sent off, the last hope for Krypton’s race. The final scene of Krypton is quite intense, and the Director’s touch here is truly remarkable.

Now, I won’t dig further into the plot itself… More about the effort of the team behind Mr. Snyder, the CG effects (a most commonplace these days) are as expected, out of the world, beautiful. One thing that impresses me is the fact that they merge shaky-camera work with the graphics, and it really makes it feel like you are there, witnessing the events…
But unfortunately, American jingoism cannot be stopped, the US Army comes in to neutralise an all-powerful threat, and they succeed. An American journalist hunts for the truth about alien happenings around her, and she succeeds, but her story is trashed as inconclusive and as one that would have massive effects on the world, but she turns out to be right anyway. 

The storyline concentrates more on the origin and motives of Superman, Mr. Nolan and Mr. Goyer’s story proves to be quite an insight into a more realistic twist as to if Superman actually existed in the real world, what would be repercussions? How would the world take it? Would it reject him out of fear? All these questions are somewhat answered, but for a complete one I’m afraid we will have to wait for the sequel(s)…

Russel Crowe and Michael Shannon give memorable performances as Jor-El and Zod respectively. Henry Cavil , though not as seasoned an actor as the former two, gives a perfect performance as the Man Of Steel, he has that classic look of security and earnestness, which Superman can’t do without.
So I conclude by saying that Man Of Steel is definitely worth a watch, even for those (tasteless) Marvel Fans. 

Today was the day of voting in our school, and, thankfully, no one took any classes when we were supervising the proceedings. What strikes me is how pathetic the next generation is getting to be. There are so many wannabes who attempt (some successfully) to put multiple votes for the same person, and then immediately rush to friends, acquaintances and even me saying “DUDE look I CASTED 7 VOTES FOR XYZ DUDE!!!!” , what kind of reply do they expect from me? A “Good Job son!” or “DUDE that’s FREAKIN’ AWESOME!”.
It won’t be coming from me, but the latter is always the most common response to the typical wannabe situation… They feel some deluded sense of achievement in these wrongdoings that are completely unnecessary, maybe I’ll post about this later.

Third in line, viral trends. This is something which I wanted to talk about because I managed to start one off in our school, 3 days before voting day, we were all chatting about the various possibilities of campaigning for our reluctant nominees/friends. And a great idea sprung up, doctored photos! It had never been done before, so I went back home. Got this picture of Mr.Schwarzenneger, and a mugshot of the nominee, and managed to PERFECTLY (i mean it) blend in his head with the humungous body of a young Mr.Schwarzenneger. I printed 60 copies immediately, and the next day on the school bus, when I show one to my friend, he laughs so hard, it attracts a multitude of people, who then attract more and… Yeah you get the point.
When we got to school, I distributed them to the whole of the senior block, and it was an instant hit! People were sticking them on their shirts, on their hands, in the bathroom, in the classroom, and even gave them to teachers who, to my great relief, also laughed it off!

My point here is now, people for that day, associate me (and more importantly my friend) with that poster, it became viral for that day. What I am dying to know, is how can I improve on that, how do I make something even crazier and unique then the one that started it all? You cannot, it is impossible, because from that moment on, you will always be known as the guy who made that one epic poster, even if I made another one (which I did, I was hired by a couple of other candidates to make posters for them as well), it would never get as much attention, or be as fulfilling as that very first one. T
That is the problem when someone/thing goes viral.

See you all next week! (or earlier)

The Dude


  1. Ahh, people always need something to cling on to. Just as thefreakingamazing French philosopher Voltaire once said, “If God didn’t exist, it would be necessary to invent Him.”. Basically people need a gimmick, a role model, or something omnipotent and superior to cling on to for safety – even a Hollywood actor (just as people treat Amitabh Bacchan and Rajnikanth as Gods).

  2. True… but in a more utopian sense.. why can’t people simply be self-sufficient and look to nothing but themselves for inspiration?

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