The ‘Nominations’ are out…

So, today’s assembly saw the ‘nominees’ for the next student council take the stage.

Again, whatever I write in the following lines is not to be taken literally, it is merely my opinion and all haters and ‘troll’ fanatics are excused..

As Head Boy of the previous year’s council, I was on stage waiting in contemplative for the nominees to be announced. One thing you must know is that, even though it is a complete misnomer here, our school asserts that the ‘elections’ are democratic in nature, here’s why in my opinion (and clearly for fact) it is not.
First of all, the nominees are chosen by the school teachers, even if that was the case, shouldn’t they talk to students before they shout out the names on stage? What if for some generic reason, he/she cannot compete in the election or cannot take up the responsibility required for such a task? Second, its COMPULSORY TO VOTE!!!! (welcome to Cheatville, population 4000, votes 500000).

One only needs to eavesdrop on election day gossip among the senior students to discover the new, innovative ways they invent to make sure the people they don’t want, aren’t there, or vice-versa. From shoving multiple ballot papers down the same box to anti-campaigning across the school, we have every trick in the book (dirty politics) mastered so the people get who they personally want, not necessarily a good leader. Most of the time, the most ‘popular’ or the most extra-curricularly talented one wins. Or you don’t have any of that, and talk really well with people in public (like me), comb your hair well, and you’re on your way to victory (Worked for me 4 FREAKIN TIMES!!!)

Now, coming to the point, the nominee selection itself has quite a few flaws, serious flaws that completely change the definition of democracy. But its alright, since it is all very similar to Indian politics, and we being the largest (and to an extent corrupt) democracy in the world, we may be excused for calling our system a democracy. Usually, nominations for a particular portfolio are from the same grade, to maintain a fair competition. But this year, same portfolios have nominees from different classes, and they don’t even know each other!
Not to mention the INSANE rumours that simply pass throughout school with not a single soul even attempting to confirm the source…

Thats pretty much it, seeya next week, or earlier!!

The Dude
(That’s my new title, humouring you for no reason.)


  1. An unfortunate truth of most school elections these days…
    School elections are basically three things – dirty politics, rumors and backstabbing, and once you are elected at the post, it’s all forgotten – nobody cares after that! It is worth seeing a normal day at a school v/s a few days before the final voting takes place – just ‘wow’!

  2. Jayashree · · Reply

    True. Those who want to be nominated are never giver a chance and those who don’t are forced with it every year. This is the 6th time I’ve been nominated(without asking me whatsoever). What’s worse, they got the surname of one of the nominees for ASPL wrong, and that just happened to be another student’s actual name. So there’s one worthy chance and one valuable vote wasted.

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