First ‘Marathon’ Ever

So PSBB conducted its first possibly quad-annual ‘Marathon Cross Country’ Race, which I’m pretty sure isn’t as long as they told us. But Anyway

We 12thies had things of higher precedence on our do list for the week, so we thought we’d take it easy in the race, start last and jog it slowly all the way, its really disheartening to see 50 kids start off great for about 400 metres and then suddenly, everyone is walking… Even though we started last, we overtook the general public with ease, every 800m a check point was set up where you could get water and (FRENCH FRIES!!??). We never stopped for any of that superfluous matter.

Being the 12 graders we are, we split up into 3 groups, the well-above-average-stamina group, the non-runners, and my ‘nemesis’ (12 guys should be able to figure out who that is). ‘Nemesis’ ended up WAY behind under the pretension of having to wait for his friend who sprained his leg. (We saw him walking like 7 minutes before witnessing the leg sprain). the well-above-average-stamina group has 3 people, myself included, i had the least endurance of the 3, the other 2 being gym goers. We kept wondering exactly why everyone was cheering while we were struggling for breath, is this what the world has come to? Still I managed to be under the top 20 (no that does not mean 19th, or even 18th). On que, was the rain, right when the race ended.

Good Start, but seriously, fries?

What’s next? CCD next to a checkpoint?

Have a good day

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